Corona metrics: This will change from Saturday 25th September

Corona metrics: This will change from Saturday 25th September

1/1 Rote: 1.5 meters no longer required, temporary entry ticket

Corona measures will be further reduced from Saturday 25 September. The abolition of the meter and a half was one of the main points of the press conference held on Tuesday evening. Read here what else is changing.

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The meter and a half scale is converted into urgent advice. “It remains reasonable that we give each other space and then 1.5 meters remains the safe distance. Obviously, this rule of thumb helps prevent pollution,” according to the Cabinet.

The advice to work from home will be adapted as much as possible to “work at home if possible and in the office if necessary”. Employers and employees themselves make agreements about a good division between work and home.

Corona entry ticket
Cabinet is committed corona ticket. This guide is required at all catering establishments, at events (eg festivals, performances, parties, audiences at professional sports competitions) and when showcasing art and culture (eg cinemas, theatres) to everyone from the age of 13. In all catering establishments, the mandatory closing time between 00.00 and 06.00 will continue to apply.

face masks
The mask obligation continues to apply in public transport and at airports (but no longer on platforms and stations), in secondary vocational and tertiary education, the maximum group size of 75 people will be eliminated and people with a serious immune disorder are eligible for the third shot.

  • No more than a meter and a half.
  • Work from home advice disappears
  • Theaters and cinemas are full again.
  • Outdoor sports at full capacity again. Also in the football fields.
  • Indoor events where people have fixed seats without restrictions.
  • Indoor events without a fixed seat, such as concerts, are permitted with 75 percent full board.
  • Corona is required to enter festivals, events, theater, concerts, cinema, cafe and all sports competitions. For everyone from 13 years old.
  • The obligation to sit ends in the catering industry.
  • Face masks only on public transport and in Schiphol.
  • Quarantine commitment classes in primary schools are ending.

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