Cooler Master unveils Orb X Gaming Cockpit and Water Cooled Sneaker X PC – Gaming – News

Cooler Master announces the futuristic Orb-X gaming pod with built-in speakers and a power seat. In addition, the brand presents several non-traditional gaming computers, in the form of sneakers and sharks.

The various products are part of the comprehensive unveiling of various gaming-related products from Cooler Master. The brand is already showing off dozens of new cans, mice, and headphones in a press release in the lead-up to a large-scale unveiling event on February 16. The brand has not yet offered European prices.

Orb X stands out from traditional products. The gaming or working chair has already been shown at several trade fairs and the brand is now sharing more technical specifications. The chair is surrounded by a semi-dome, monitor stand, and desk with built-in USB connections and a wireless charger. The semi-enclosed cockpit can accommodate a 49-inch wide screen or up to three 27-inch monitors, which attach to the motorized dome and flip up. The seat is also motorized, allowing the user to adjust six parts of the seat by remote control. For example, the backrest, lower backrest and pillow can be adjusted in this way.

Cooler Master also says the Orb X is equipped with a surround sound system with two main 2-inch speakers, 2-inch woofers, and a 5-inch subwoofer. At the back of the seat cover there is a “secret” compartment where users can store computers and consoles. Connected systems can be supplied with a maximum power of 1200 watts. Cables from the game system can be connected to the monitors and speaker system via the internal channels.

Excluding computers, monitors and other equipment, the Orb X gaming compartment weighs 358 kg. The height of the futuristic chair is about 2 meters, its width is 1.3 meters, and its depth is more than 1.7 meters.

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Additionally, Cooler Master advertises some notable custom PCs. For example, in cooperation with CMODX, the brand Sneaker X manufactures a gaming computer in the form of a sneaker, equipped with an integrated water cooling system. The computer must have room for the “latest high-end graphics cards” and other advanced computer components. The Shark X uses the same principle, but as the name suggests, this is a water-cooled gaming computer in the shape of a shark.

The Sneaker X can be ordered from the third quarter, but there is still uncertainty about the Shark X. Cooler Master has stated that a “potential release” for the shark-shaped PC will be in the fourth quarter of this year.

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