Congress approves Biden’s key infrastructure package

Congress approves Biden's key infrastructure package

The US House of Representatives on Friday approved a $ 1 trillion infrastructure project. This approval is an important turning point for President Joe Biden. According to the Andhra News Agency.

After a month-long war between the moderate and progressive Democrats, the House passed a package of investments in roads, bridges, public transport, clean energy, water supply and broadband internet on Friday night (local time) by a margin of 206 to 228 votes. Six Democrats on the party’s left voted against, arguing that progressive priorities were not properly reflected in the law; Thirteen moderate Republicans voted in favor of the package.

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The approval of the package, which was passed by the Senate three months ago, means that Biden will be able to sign off on the plans – a much-needed victory for a president whose popularity is declining. Democrats are shocked by the disappointing results in several state elections earlier this week. They unexpectedly lost the governorship of Virginia and retained control of New Jersey, and both states were friendly with their parties.

Those setbacks have sown the importance of proving to moderate and progressive democrats that they are capable of leading the country forward with policy. Democrats are in danger of losing a majority in either the House of Representatives or the Senate or Congress in the midterm elections in one more year.

The referendum on social spending was postponed

While the approval of the infrastructure plan was encouraging for Democrats, they also suffered a setback on Friday night: a referendum was held on an even bigger package of investment in social services in areas such as health care and climate action worth $ 1,850 billion. Postponed until the end of this month. Moderate party members demanded that more spending be provided by the Congressional Budget Office, an independent audit office of Congress.

That delay put an end to hopes that Biden could record a double victory on Friday night. If the CBO’s calculations match the estimates already made by tax analysts in the White House and Congress, moderate Democrats have pledged to support the package. That package is expected to be voted on in the week of November 15th. If approved by the House, it must also be approved by the Senate.

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