A large group of migrants on the border between Belarus and Poland, fearing confrontation

A large group of migrants on the border between Belarus and Poland, fearing confrontation

Another video shows police trucks used to transport prisoners. They will be from Grodno, about 20 kilometers from the border. It was not clear if there were people in the closed trucks. There are also cars transporting barbed wire.

Yesterday there was a large gathering of immigrants from different countries in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. There it was said that he was to go in a group to the Polish border, some 300 kilometers away, to try to cross the border into Poland together. According to reports published on Twitter, the communication is via Telegram channels. Taxi drivers say there are so many taxis that there is a traffic jam near the border crossing.


Since the summer, more and more immigrants from Asia, the Middle East and Africa have reported to the Polish border in an attempt to enter the European Union. There were already deaths. Germany is usually the final destination for most migrants arriving via this route.

Poland tries to stop them and regularly sends people who cross the border illegally to Belarus. Polish border guards say they are facing violent behavior and threats from Belarusian soldiers.

Poland and the European Union accuse Belarus President Lukashenko of seeking to destabilize the European Union by sending many migrants in retaliation for Western sanctions against his regime. Lukashenko said earlier that he would no longer hold people back from their path to a better life “in the Nice West”.

Since the border area is not freely accessible and the state of emergency has been in place for several months, it is not possible to get independent confirmation of what exactly is happening. Journalists and observers cannot go there.

Lithuania’s interior minister said Lithuania was also deploying additional troops to the border with Belarus in preparation for a possible influx of migrants. The Cabinet is considering declaring a state of emergency in the border area with Lithuania. It is not yet clear how many additional soldiers will be deployed to the border.

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