Colombia allows 39 mango growers to export to the US and Europe

Colombia allows 39 mango growers to export to the US and Europe

“The peak of the export of Colombian mangoes to the European Union and the United States takes place between March and August. Colombia will send 200 tons of fruit from 39 small and medium farms in six sectors recognized by the Colombian Agricultural Institute. ICA) of the country.”

“Export varieties Tommy and Keet sugar mangoes are grown in plots in Magdalena, Val del Cauca, Córdoba, César, Cundinamarca and Dolima departments. ICA has directed all growers to comply with phytosanitary standards regarding fruit fly surveillance. Go to these markets.”

“For the United States, ICA conducts verification activities and official monitoring of growing sites from 30 days prior to harvest until the end of harvest, according to protocol established by both countries. Compliance is guaranteed by ICA.”

“With regard to mango exports to the European Union, the ICA carries out supervision and monitoring of the fruit fly system approach, without additional quarantine treatments, in accordance with the rules of the European Commission.”

Also, 160 farms are registered with ICA to export mangoes to other destinations like Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Canada, Switzerland, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom etc. Russia.”

“Total exports of Colombian mangoes were around 1,000 tonnes in 2022. The ICA and producer organizations aim to increase that number by more than 30% by 2023.”


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