College football results, schedule, top 25 NCAA rankings, matches today: Auburn, LSU, UCLA live in action

College football results, schedule, top 25 NCAA rankings, matches today: Auburn, LSU, UCLA live in action

Week five of the college football season brings one of the most action-packed, high-quality rosters to date, with all 25 seeded teams taking part over the weekend. Iowa played No. 5 and No. 13 BYU on Friday, but that still leaves the 23 ranked teams to watch on Saturday as the Conference Championship races begin to take shape and the complex national title picture becomes more focused.

Early events of the day included No. 7 seed Cincinnati taking home wins over No. 9 Notre Dame in South Bend and No. 2 Georgia which closed in at No. 8 in Arkansas. In the afternoon, #1 Alabama defeated #12 Ole Miss in the SEC on CBS Game of the Week. But that’s just the beginning, as the early games window also featured the 14th Michigan Center and 24th Wake Forest, maintaining their unbeaten seasons against the conference’s foes. In the afternoon, No. 11 in Ohio and No. 6 in Oklahoma secured a conference win, but No. 3 Oregon fell to Stanford in overtime. Finally, the evening window was marked by Penn State’s No. 4 revenge game against Indiana.

With a night cup featuring some Pac-12 After Dark, there’s still college football to be enjoyed. CBS Sports will be here every step of the way to keep you informed of the latest scores, highlights and stories all night long. All times are oriental

College football scores, table: Week 5

No. 2 Georgia 37, No. 8 Arkansas 0 – Summary, takeaway
No. 14 Michigan 38, Wisconsin 17- Summary, takeaway
Texas 32, TCU 27- a summary
TN 62, Missouri 24- a summary
No. 7 Cincinnati 24, No. 9 Notre Dame 13 – Summary, takeaway
No. 1 Alabama 42, No. 12 Ole Miss 21 – Summary, takeaway
No. 11 Ohio State 52, Rutgers 13 – a summary
No. 6 Oklahoma 37, Kansas State 31- a summary
Stanford 31, Oregon 24 (overtime) – Summary, takeaway
Kentucky 20, No. 10 Florida 13 – Summary, takeaway
No. 19 Oklahoma State 24, No. 21 Baylor 14 – a summary
No. 25 Clemson 19, Boston College 13 – a summary
No. 4 Pennsylvania 24, Indiana 0 – a summary
#22 Auburn at LSU – ESPN – GameTracker
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