College football rankings: Ohio State moves into top three, Oklahoma stumbles on new CBS Sports 130

College football rankings: Ohio State moves into top three, Oklahoma stumbles on new CBS Sports 130
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With the end of the regular season approaching, it seems every score, outcome and highlight from college football matters more. So when the big turmoils, surprise leads and conference title changes and College Football Playoff races top the weekend, we’ll see some ranking changes.

Georgia and Alabama remain No. 1 and No. 2, respectively on CBS Sports 130, our overall ranking for every FBS team. Ohio, Cincinnati, and Oregon advanced to one spot while maintaining the newly created Buckeyes’ lead over the Bearcats in voting points. Ohio State and Oklahoma both vaulted Cincinnati — which had been in the top three for most of the season, only last week — but quickly gave up their place after the team’s first loss of the season.

Ohio State’s slight move to the three comes on the back of one of the season’s best performances, with Purdue winning both Iowa State and Michigan State.

Baylor’s win over Oklahoma sparked some of the more notable moves in the top 20 of this week’s rankings, beginning with the Bears’ ascending to 11th, and joining Baylor to 10th as the first Mays as a top player. Teams in the rankings lost this week, while Team Oklahoma dropped nine places to 12th, leaving the Sooners in eighth place among the teams with one loss in our rankings.

Other adjustments outside the top 15 include Texas A&M’s smooth landing five positions down to 16th after a loss to the Ole Miss, and the bullish momentum for the 19th championship continued in Wisconsin as well as the return of Utah and 25th San Diego State to the top. 25 after beating Nevada over the weekend. To learn more about the notable up-and-down adjustments on CBS Sports 130, check out the engine report under the Top 25 table.

College football experts from CBS Sports and 247Sports contribute their votes each week, which are averaged together for our rankings. You can see the top 25 below and 26-130 on our ranking page.

1 Georgia 10-0 1
2 Alabama 9-1 2
3 Ohio State 9-1 4
4 Cincinnati 10-0 5
5 Oregon 9-1 6
6 Michigan 9-1 8
7 Michigan State 9-1 7
8 our lady 9-1 9
9 Oklahoma 9-1 10
10 Be a beauty queen 8-2 12
11 Baylor 8-2 16
12 Oklahoma 9-1 3
13 Wake Forest 9-1 13
14 UTSA 10-0 14
15th BYU 8-2 15th
16 Texas A&M 7-3 11
17 Houston 9-1 18
18 Pittsburgh 8-2 21
19 Wisconsin 7-3 24
20 Yeah 8-2 19
21 San Diego State 9-1 27
22 Arkansas 7-3 26
23 Louisiana 9-1 25
24 North Carolina 7-3 22
25 Utah 7-3 30

Biggest movers

  • No. 43 Louisville (+17): The Cardinals participated in the Lamar Jackson Day game in Louisville, where they beat Syracuse 41-3 significantly improving the team’s chances of making a game with the ball. Louisville needs just one win with Duke and Kentucky still on the table. Most importantly, the performance against Syracuse showed some of the team’s best football after losing four of its last five games.
  • No. 27 Mississippi (+13): Mississippi State’s historic comeback adds another notable win for one of the most volatile profiles in the top 40. Wins against Texas A&M, NC State and now Auburn give the Bulldogs a Top 25 check, but the number of losses (4) and inclusion of defeats to LSU and Memphis hurt With this argument. If those two early season losses – which came by five points combined – turn into wins, that’s a top 15 team.
  • #40 Utah (+12): Overrun cruising in San Jose as the tight underdog added another boost to the Utah stock, and we’re now tracking an 18-point movement in the past two weeks. Blake Anderson’s great coaching job got some sparkle with the Aggies winning Mountain West 8-2 and riding a five-game winning streak.
  • No. 50 Texas Tech (+12): Joey McGuire Effect! The Red Raiders introduced a new head coach and earned pot eligibility by defeating Iowa State all in the same week. Although Texas Tech fired and hired a coach in the same regular season, the bottom line will determine 2021 highlighted by the Red Raiders beyond pre-season expectations.
  • No. 33 Coastal Carolina (-10): The absence of Grayson McCool in the squad proved costly to Coastal Carolina, and now what had been losing hopes of winning the Sunbelt came close with a direct loss to the remaining two Sunbelt East teams (Appalachian State and Appalachian State). Georgia state).
  • No. 53 Miami (-11): After winning three consecutive games with one possession, Miami fell on the wrong end to bite another’s nails. She felt a little more stinging when she came to rival state Florida. The Hurricanes were rising in our rankings on the back of that winning streak, which included wins against NC State and Pete, but the five-loss number will result in some quick changes to the polls.
  • No. 29 Auburn (-12): There is not much bad loss in Auburn’s profile. The Tigers are 6-4 and all losses are to teams ranked in our top 30. But when you’re trying to sort through that crowded collection between points #15 and #30, the road to Mississippi will serve as a fulcrum from a rating perspective.
  • No. 74 Texas (-23): The drama surrounding football in Texas exacerbates reactions when trying to compare teams. But even the Longhorns’ brutal meltdown reveals a subpar team here in the final stages of the 2021 season. Texas 4-6 with five straight losses, given the current quality of performance, it’s questionable whether they’ll be a team. Beating West Virginia and Kansas State could make the Longhorns bowl eligible, but it would be hard to imagine our voters moving to Texas inside the top 40 before the end of the season.

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