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So the Internet is slowly focusing more on information and facts.

If everyone soon used artificial intelligence to provide information, that would mean that all of the nonsense you now see on the internet and a thousand repetitions of the same news fact wouldn’t happen anymore. Because there is no money to be made from it.

And soon, journalists and news sites won’t distinguish themselves by re-explaining what other news sources have already said, but will come up with real news, original news reports and facts.

Add to that a sub-layer of encryption running on the internet and you have a perfect system.

The advantage for consumers is that they have a single source from where the information comes from (possibly supplemented or modified by others, which can be fully tracked via version control).

The advantage of the journalist or the person who broke the news is that he will get all the credit and commission for whoever consumes his information, no matter where they are in the world and what language they are.

I assume

  • Press Agency 1 is making a news report on something that happened in the world.
  • Freelancer 2 has additional information on this matter and adds it to the story.
    They don’t have to come up with fancy titles or text, just facts, sources, and information.
  • Each time the additional information from journalist 2 is used, press agency 1 receives a commission from journalist 2 and then journalist 2 receives the commission from the person who consumed the data.

Most often this is a TV channel, Google Home or another large company that pays for everything based on advertising revenue.

This ensures that journalists remain impartial, while still receiving their income.

I see cheese in this form and I think we’d all be better off. Instead of all the misinformation and highly opinionated news reports that are now being presented to us everywhere.

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