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Slotcall: AEX verpulvert recordstand

The AEX index (-2.7%) is severely affected today, although the damage compared to the DAX (-4.3%) and CAC (-4.0%) is not that bad. Markets did not expect Russia to invade Ukraine on this scale and that is now being priced in.

The Russians also shot in the foot. The Russian ruble is losing 7.5% against the dollar, even at its lowest level since Putin’s presidency.

In other words, you won’t get back as many rubles for every dollar as you do now. The state-owned Gazprom, which controls 70% of all resources in Russia, is losing more than 35% today. In short, the Russian oligarchs see that today a large part of their wealth is evaporating.

ING and Unilever down

The biggest dripping inside the AEX is Action (-9.0%). The main bank has 4.7 billion euros of exposure in Russia, which is just over 10% of the total market capitalization. The market is now writing off this in one go. Insurance companies Egon (-6.3%), ASR (-6.4%) and NN . group (-8.0%) They are also not the companies in your portfolio at such moments.

Just eat takeaway (+3.1%) are making a special return. I advise investors who sold their shares at -6% this morning to close the price board for the time being. The bottom bubble this morning may be intact. I wouldn’t dare put my hands on fire for it, even though the meal delivery service is by far the lowest rated player in the segment.

Unilever (-5.3%) On the other hand, it was disappointed again. On days like these, a company should be a safe haven, right? The exchange rate has remained the same for the past seven years. That’s while the AEX is up more than 40% in that period. So it’s no surprise that some activist contributors are sparking outrage.


You may not have paid attention to it today, but there are still numbers. For example, a special metal product.With the price of lithium hitting an all-time high, expectations for the metals specialist’s earnings in the fourth quarter of last year were AMG (-1.3%) High tense. However, it has become a matter of concern: the rise in the price of lithium hardly appears in the score at the bottom of the line‘,” writes analyst Paul Whitling.

The price of lithium has been going up since early December and since then it has gone up 120%. So the lion’s share of the increase will be in the new year, and so it’s not fair to judge AMG already on the modest result despite the higher price of lithium.

So Weeteling believes the company’s profit jump is yet to come. The stock is currently trading at 14 times the expected profit for 2022. You can read whether the stock is worth buying in the article below.

JDE House

Martin Crum concludes, “Investors didn’t get much reassurance up front, but fears turned out to be unfounded again,” after frankly strong annual numbers that JDE House (-6.4%) Posted yesterday. “Yesterday, the group reported better than expected results on all relevant variables in the annual numbers, be it sales volume, Ebit rate or net result.”

“If there is one point of cash to be expressed, then that applies to the proposed yield. JDE Peet wants to keep this unchanged at €0.70 per share.” The analyst does not like it. Whether his advice and target price for JDE Peet will change as well, you can read in his comprehensive analysis below.


It will not surprise you that interest rates (with the exception of Russian) are dropping. Dutch fees on ten-year government papers drop by at least five basis points to 0.43%.

wide market

  • The AEX It closes at 2.7% in the red, making us the best performer in Europe.
  • Wall Street Remains. The Nasdaq is 0.1% in the green. Only the Dow Jones (-1.8%) does not have it today.
  • The euro It is down 1.6% and trading at 1.115 against the dollar.
  • The VIX It rose 9.5% to 34.0 points.
  • gold (+ 0.7%) and likeLever (+2.3%) lives up to their name as a safe haven.
  • oil: WTI (+4.5%) and Brent (+5.1%) rose as expected.
  • From Bitcoin (-3.9%) You can say whatever you want other than it being a safe haven.


  • another day and Positives It is trading (-5.2%) at its lowest level since the IPO in September 2019.
  • We will play no less music after this invasion of Russia. any UMG (-1.0%) Keeps damage pretty limited, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise.
  • Oil and gas prices are jumping from the roof and this means good news sigh (+ 0.7%).
  • Walters Kluwer (-0.3%) can also be useful on a day like today.
  • Arcelor Metal (-6.5%) then no. It cannot be excluded that this invasion will herald the beginning of a recession. In the audio notation Today we will go into this in more detail.
  • JDE House (-6.4%) was still in the green this morning after the target rate increase by Deutsche Bank, but the enthusiasm was short-lived. And of course more than 14% were added yesterday.
  • Alberts (-5.2%) raised the dividend to 1.65 euros, but the market cannot estimate it. Here you can read Analytics of annual figures.
  • (+0.3%) On the other hand, it closes in green. Quality always comes first on a day like today 🙂
  • finally, Van Lanchot Kempin (+3.7%) Dividend of 2 euros per share. That was 0.70 euros a year ago.


  • DSM: to 193 euros from 195 euros and buy – Barclays
  • JDE Peet’s: up to €35 from €31 and purchase – Deutsche Bank

Agenda: Friday 25 February

  1. 08:00Corbion Q4 numbers
  2. 08:00IMCD Q4 numbers
  3. 08:00Kendion Q4 numbers
  4. 08:00CTAC Q4 numbers
  5. 08:00Newways Q4 numbers
  6. 08:00BASF Q4 numbers
  7. 08:00German GDP Q4-0.7% QuarterlyWarning symbol
  8. 12:15European Central Bank President Lagarde speaksWarning symbol
  9. 14:30US Durable Goods Orders Jan+ 0.4% per month
  10. 14:30Personal Spending in the US Jan+ 1.5% per monthWarning symbol
  11. 4:00 pmUS Consumer Confidence Michigan Feb57.4
  12. 4:00 pmUS pending home sales Jan+ 0.5% per monthWarning symbol

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