Cliff Kingsbury felt a “minor breakup” in returning to the Cardinals’ side

Houston Texans v Arizona Cardinals

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Cliff Kingsbury learned early Sunday morning that he had taken a second negative COVID-19 test that needs to be allowed to coach the Cardinals in Sunday’s game against Texas and was on the sidelines in the 31-5 win that moved his team to 7.-0 on the season.

But it was not business as usual for Kingsbury. He said after the match that he felt “little bit is offline“By attending the match after missing the entire preparation week while waiting for the permit to return to the team.

“I didn’t feel like I was in the game because I usually showed up on match day. . . . it felt funky,” Kingsbury said, via’s Josh Winfuss. “Usually, I call these plays over and over again throughout the week. [Quarterback Kyler Murray] This interview was conducted. That was the first time we went there. So, I didn’t feel the same kind of rhythm, the same kind of comfort level. I was more nervous than I normally feel after six days of being prepared.”

It took some time for the Cardinals to find a foothold on Sunday. They didn’t score in the first quarter and fell 5-0 before getting into the groove against the struggling Texas team. They will have a tougher test against the Packers Thursday night and Kingsbury will be available for all their work leading up to that competition.

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