Chronological or algorithmic? Instagram gives users a choice on the timeline

Chronological or algorithmic?  Instagram gives users a choice on the timeline

Instagram now gives users the choice of how to configure the timeline. In addition to the timeline formed by the algorithm, it becomes possible to scroll through the messages chronologically. In addition, the user can choose between a timeline with all the followed accounts and the timeline with the “favorite” accounts.

The social medium has been testing the new for months nourishes† This caters to users’ desire to define more for themselves what the timeline looks like.

Originally feed Chronologically, but in 2016, Instagram switched to an algorithm. Since then, the request is determined by the user’s “preferences”, alternating with recommended accounts and advertising messages.

The default schedule is an algorithm. This can be modified by clicking on “Home” at the top left of the application. You can then choose from two options linked in chronological order: “Next,” which shows messages from all of the following accounts, and “Favorites,” which only shows messages from favorite accounts.

criticize algorithms

Twitter also switched from a timeline to an algorithm in 2016, but this platform also now gives users a choice about the order of the timeline.

The European Commission and various civil rights organizations, among others, criticize algorithmic timelines for social media, because tech companies do not disclose how the algorithms work. So the European Commission has long wanted users to be able to adjust their schedule.

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