Children’s hospital in Mariupol destroyed, ‘little things reprehensible’

Children's hospital in Mariupol destroyed, 'little things reprehensible'

Russia has yet to respond to allegations that troops bombed the hospital. The news was greeted with horror from the West. “There are few things more reprehensible than attacking the weak and powerless,” British Prime Minister Johnson said on Twitter.

The United Nations also condemns the bombing of the maternity hospital. A spokesperson said doctors and hospitals would “never ever” be a target tomorrow. More than 516 civilians have been killed since Russia invaded Ukraine, according to the United Nations.

Globally, there are growing concerns that Russian forces will increasingly resort to indiscriminate bombing, resulting in civilian deaths.


Only today, Mariupol is said to be subject to a temporary ceasefire so that civilians can safely leave the city. Residents of the coastal city bear the brunt of heavy bombardment and power cuts for more than a week. Authorities and human rights groups say the situation is “appalling”, with severe food and water shortages.

Russia announced yesterday that a humanitarian corridor could be established starting at 8 am today (Netherlands time). Ukraine claims that the Russian military continues to obstruct evacuation attempts and the flow of humanitarian aid – but it also notes that 40,000 people have been evacuated from Kyiv, Mariupol and Kharkov today.

death toll

The deputy mayor of Mariupol said that at least 1,170 Mariupol residents have been killed since the invasion began two weeks ago. He stated that the bombing continued to this day.

Satellite imagery shows extensive damage to homes, shops, condominiums and other civilian infrastructure:

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