Children can celebrate a carefree evening: Sinterklaas’s book has arrived at the last minute | show

Children can celebrate a carefree evening: Sinterklaas's book has arrived at the last minute |  show

Sinterklaas MagazineThis year, kids can celebrate a carefree evening again. In the last episode of Sinterklaas News Tonight Sinterklaas’ big book has been found just in time. The assistants managed to overcome all obstacles again this year and finish everything successfully.

Until the very last minute, it was interesting whether or not this year’s package evening would continue. Bardenebet lost Sinterklaas’s Big Book and was already on his way to Spain out of shame. Hovdebit also saw no reason to stay in the Netherlands and achieve success in the evening of the package. “We will go back to Spain,” he told the Biten newspaper yesterday. “There’s no burlap sack on it anymore. Without a big book and without packing, we can’t celebrate a pack night.” The book had to be found tonight, or the party was officially cancelled.

It seems all those worries are over tonight. After Bardenbet finally made it to Schiphol – yes, Peten also suffered from long lines at the airport this year – it turned out that the missing big book was in the bag she had brought to Ozusnel. In time, Bardenbet decides to stay in Holland after all. “ I want to go back, I have to go to Sinterklaas! ’ she exclaimed, quickly packing her things to return to Pietenhuis.

All the Pieten there are now lining up to receive medals from Sinterklaas for their good work. When Pieten wants to leave for Spain, Paardenpiet arrives just in time with the big book. In the end, Pakjesavond can still go on and a big party is celebrated in Pieten. In addition, not only Pieten, but also all the children who go to her Sinterklaas News Witnesses may reward themselves with a medal for all their good help.

Peet’s horse in Schiphol. © NPO


Thanks from Sinterklaas It was appropriate this year, because the adventures of Sinterklaas and Pieten were more exciting than ever this year. In addition to all the calibrated bumps, things have been a little trickier for shots this winter. This year, viewers watched how the parcel boat was due to spill onto the bottom of the Spanish Sea sank. As a result, many children were worried about whether Sinterklaas could cross into the Netherlands – which led to criticism from parents.

Upon reaching Hellevoetsluis, it eventually transpired that Saint Nicholas had flown to the Netherlands by plane. Then the saint was passed Sinterklaas News welcomed b the airport, where he sailed to the port of the fortified city with his new steamer – specially ordered and built for him at Hellevoetsluis. Here he was finally welcomed back to Holland, to loud cheers from those present.

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