AI-designed profile picture: the future?

AI-designed profile picture: the future?

Thus, the selfies and selfies the app takes of you are not real, they are actually a computer drawing of yourself. Technology journalist Erwin Vogelaar of explains how the app works. “As a user, you can select 10 to 20 photos of yourself that are visible to you. They are processed in the cloud and then a whole bunch of new photos are posted. These are mainly intended to be a profile photo.”

Without a photographer you can take the best picture of yourself you can think of. “Everyone wants a pretty profile picture. If you’re not that cute, this is an easy way to take a good picture. Or if you don’t have people around you who take pretty pictures of you.”


However, such a technology-generated selfie is not without risks, says Vogelar. “People can misuse the app by using other people’s photos and creating fake profile pictures. But for now you can still see that they are graphics and they are not realistic yet. I can definitely change that in the future as the AI ​​improves itself.”

It’s only a matter of time until this technology becomes better, agrees Jarno Duursma, an expert in the field of technological trends. “We are moving towards the fact that digital reality is intuitive and that you can manipulate it as easily as possible. You no longer know if what you see is real or fake.”

And according to him, you will always go one step ahead. “The evolution is that AI is increasingly capable of creating entirely digital content. This is now possible through images, videos, and sounds. We call these synthetic media.”

If you as a user no longer know whether something is original or synthetic, this can be very difficult. “With an email written by artificial intelligence (AI), it doesn’t matter much, but with important documents or videos, it’s important to know who created it: a human or a computer.”

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