CDA Pension Act Think Tank: This would be a disaster

CDA Pension Act Think Tank: This would be a disaster
Parliament votes on the retirement law

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  • Royal Bolsius

    Hague correspondent

  • Royal Bolsius

    Hague correspondent

The CDA in the Senate should not approve the new pension law because it is “a huge gamble on the future,” says the CDA’s Scientific Institute.

“This would be a disaster,” said director Peter Jan Diekmann and staff member Arjen Siegmann. “The CDA senators must bring this bill back to the House of Representatives.” in the telegraph. They belong to the CDA as scholars, but they have no political function.

Dickmann and Sigman compare the new pension law to other major changes to the system, such as the introduction of a student loan system and the introduction of a childcare allowance. They also didn’t go well, as they say.

They predict that the new retirement system will also lead to financial uncertainty for citizens. Siegmann: “It’s absolutely clear why we, the Christian Democrats, should be against it. The new pension system is completely against everything we stand for as a party. You can’t vote for this.”

The pressure is rising

Next Monday and Tuesday, the Senate’s agenda will be the debate over the new pension law future pension law. Opponents of the law have one last chance to block the new pension system.

Parties such as PVV, SP and 50 Plus are hoping for this. Pensions are now certain, they are now uncertain, they are now fixed and they are variable. A complete transfer of your existing pension benefit with a transfer to your new pension is a big black box,” says Senator Martin van Rooijen. from 50 plus.

The CDA’s scientific advisors are now joining the opponents. The question is whether CDA senators will allow themselves to be affected by this, but even without the CDA there is a good chance of a Senate retirement bill majority. Van Rooijen: “But maybe if they listen carefully in this debate, myself included, they’ll think ‘Should we support this law?'” “

Senator Rhea Ommen of the CDA does not deny that the pressure is high. According to her, her group will make an independent assessment and will not just sign the cross. Oomen says warning CDA scientists doesn’t change that. “We test if the introduction is legal, we test if everyone gets their right and we test if it is possible.”

additional obligations

The CDA in the Senate says it is far from satisfied with where it is now. In particular, the party wants additional commitments to ensure a smooth transition to the new pension system. It should also be clear how people can object if they do not agree to their transitional arrangements.

In addition, pension funds should be given more time and the ability to save more and more money for a longer period in case something goes wrong. Pension funds must be able to learn from each other when transferring pensions.

But the Senate portion of the CDA remains supportive in principle. Oomen: “We know a new system is needed because the other one is no longer working.”

In the House of Representatives, after hours of debate, the VVD, D66, CDA, ChristenUnie, GroenLinks, PvdA, SGP and Volt voted in favor. The clear majority was 93 to 48.

These parties enjoy a majority in the current and possibly also in the new Senate.

Debates in the Senate are held on Mondays and Tuesdays, from 10 a.m. to possibly late evening. They seem to be getting fiercer as they are in the House of Representatives.

The plan is that on Tuesday 30 May, the day the members of the territorial states elect the new Senate, the “old” Senate will vote on it. There is no objection to that according to the regular election rules.

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