Cardano (ADA) Update Failed? Charles Hoskinson calls ‘FUD’ negative ‘crypto insiders’

Cardano (ADA) update een mislukking? Charles Hoskinson noemt de negativiteit ‘FUD’

a few days ago Cardano (ADA) Take an important new step. Cardano testnet recently showed a file smart contracts Enabled. This is now the final phase of the Alonzo update.

Initially, this development caused a significant increase in prices. In fact, the price of the magic cardano came to $3. Since then, however, there have also been rumors that smart contracts on the testnet may not work properly.

Is Cardano broken?

This first appeared when a screenshot of the discussion between some Reddit users Shared on Twitter. These users may experience issues with synchronization or concurrency, From the Miniswap exchange on Cardano.

Cardano’s transaction model, EUTXO, will not be able to handle more than one transaction per block. This means that Miniswap is practically useless.

Keep in mind that this was posted on Twitter by Anthony Sassano, a well-known insider Ethereum (ETH) social communication. He is not completely impressed with Cardano and the competitiveness that this project has with Ethereum. Many argue that this is nothing more than a smear campaign.

However, noise about potential problems at Cardano increased after this message from Sasano. These problems will be the end of Cardano and the operations of the team behind Cardano have been dragged into the mud.


Meanwhile, much-needed clarification about this drama also surfaced on Twitter. according to SundeaSwap LabsCardano network based exchange, no synchronization issues at all. They state that it is possible to process hundreds of transactions per block.

Also the founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, may talk about this issue. Indicates that the alleged problems are purely a consequence Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt (FOOD) to be.

“Reddit doesn’t agree, Twitter doesn’t agree, Telegram doesn’t agree. Guys, it’s noise and FUD. It’s honestly one of the hardest things to build a scalable distribution system that is decentralized and allows Byzantine parties in.”

According to him, there is little going on. In addition, he states that in the future Cardano will also make extensive use of scaling solutions such as Ethereum that it is currently working on. He gives Hydra as an example as one such solution.

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