America is locked up for the Dutch people

America is locked up for the Dutch people

If you plan to travel to the United States in the future, it is best to postpone it. In the near future, the United States will be closed to travelers from Schengen countries.

Fear of the delta type of corona virus is even greater in the United States. This is sufficient reason for the United States to continue to enforce current travel restrictions. At this time European countries urged the United States to relax. In addition, many European countries were leisurely for travelers coming from the United States. But the mutual relaxations did not last long. The White House allowed Reuters Know the following: “With the current gameplay with the Delta type, we will maintain the current travel restrictions.”“Under the influence of the delta variant, cases in the United States are on the rise, especially among those who have not been vaccinated, and it seems likely that they will continue to rise in the coming weeks.”. In the United States, a large group, especially in the south and center of the country, have not yet been vaccinated.

Dutch and American companies have argued in the past for flexible measures. Summer without the American network can be very difficult.

Stuck in the United States

For Dutch people currently in the United States, these actions will cause many problems. If these Dutch people do not have an American passport or a ‘green card’, they can leave the country but cannot return. Unless he spends two weeks in a non-Schengen country. Dutch people who often have to travel inside and outside the United States are now trapped in the United States.

Surprisingly, Americans are allowed to travel to Europe. In states where the vaccination rate is low, the number of infections is high.

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