Capcom raises salaries by 30 percent – games – news

If more companies have a bonus/salary model that depends on an employee’s performance in terms of how much money their productivity makes. I’m mainly referring to cases where employees do the hard work, but managers who have a few hours’ work fit three-quarters of the turnover as salary. I’m mainly referring to mid lance model

It is by no means easy to apply it everywhere. That may also be difficult at Capcom. For example, if 70% of sales are generated by ‘shift workers’, it would also be fair for a significant portion of that to go to that group of people as well. After all, they are mainly responsible for turnover.

An added advantage is that this encourages people to do better. More Quality → More Satisfaction → Higher Sales → More Sales → More Salary (Bonus) → More Motivation → More Quality → Continuous Circle.

Very nice, especially in the field of information technology. Let’s say you are doing a project with a developer team of 4 that produces 100k in a 4 month period. Then, assuming a 70% scale, this would be 17.5K per person or 4.4K per month as a bonus (without even deducting all costs from revenue).

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