Canada’s Largest Airport Welcomes a 101-Year-Old Director

Canada's Largest Airport Welcomes a 101-Year-Old Director

Hazel McCallion, also known as “Hurricane Hazel” (“Hurricane Hazel”), has signed a new runway contract for its new runway at Canada’s largest airport. Watchman He writes that the former mayor is not yet ready to smooth things over.

encyclopedic knowledge

The Canadian Minister of Transport congratulated the perennial and praised the four decades of service to the state. He is confident that McCalleon will oversee Canada’s largest airport in the coming years.

In recent years, McCalleon has served as a special chancellor for the University of Toronto, admired for her “encyclopedic knowledge of politics”.

According to the Guardian, Al-Kindi is known to rule with a “sharp axe”. Her fights made her famous and infamous during her tenure as mayor of Mississauga, a city near Toronto.


The prime minister of Ontario, the Canadian state of which Toronto is a part, called McCallion a “Canadian icon” during her 100th birthday party last year.

Scientist Tom Urbaniac wrote a book on McCallion. “A former prime minister once said it’s the only politician in Ontario that scares me,” Urbanak told the British newspaper.

Urbaniac couldn’t help but smile when he realized the 101-year-old would be the airport manager, he says. “She will remain active for as long as possible. In the past, I fought for years with the former airport chief. He thought he would defeat McCallion, but he failed.”

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