Beware of these antivirus apps from the Play Store, they want to rob your bank account – scammed?!

Pas op voor deze antivirusapps uit de Play Store, ze willen je bankrekening plunderen

Do you have an Android phone? Then pay attention, because six apps have been discovered in the Google Play Store targeting your bank account. The apps pretend to be antiviruses, but they contain dangerous malware, so it is important to remove them from your device as soon as possible.

Researchers from the NCC group discovered the six applications. This Trojan is called “SharkBot”. The virus is hidden in apps that pretend to be antivirus and if you download these apps, cybercriminals can get almost complete access to your device.

For example, SharkBot can read while entering login details. Malware can also intercept text messages, making it possible to bypass two-factor authentication. This can be used to access your banking environment, among other things, which can of course have serious consequences. So it is important to protect your device from these apps.

Remove these apps!

The apps can no longer be downloaded from the Google Play Store, but you can still download them to your device. So it is important that you quickly scan your device and remove the apps. Regarding these applications:

  • Atom Clean Booster, Antivirus
  • Antivirus, super clean
  • Alpha Antivirus, Cleaner
  • Powerful Cleaner, Antivirus
  • Security Center – Antivirus
  • Security Center – Antivirus

Below you will find the logos of rogue apps.

Rogue antivirus apps. Image source: Androidworld

Check fees and change passwords

Were the apps on your phone? Immediately check if the external debt has been made from your account. It is also recommended that you change your password. In case of (suspicion of) fraud, contact your bank.

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