February 3, 2023

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Can Turkey be kicked out of NATO (and would that be a solution)?  † Currently

Can Turkey be kicked out of NATO (and would that be a solution)? † Currently

Turkey’s objections to Finland and Sweden’s membership in NATO are another conflict between Turkey and the rest of the alliance. On our NUjij response platform, we were asked if Turkey should not be expelled from NATO. If that were possible, NATO itself would not benefit at all.

No other member states have ever expelled a NATO member from the organization. This was not even threatened, not even when NATO members Turkey and Greece found themselves on the brink of a joint war in 1974. Until now, disputes between NATO countries have always been resolved by diplomatic means.

In the charter NATO also does not describe a procedure by which a member state can be expelled from the organization. Other international organizations, such as the United Nations, the European Union and the Council of Europe, do so.

NATO has capturing The primary objective is to ensure freedom and security in the Member States. Excluding a Member State in the event of a crisis would directly conflict with this objective.

Usually NATO can only do something if all members unanimously agree† In fact, all 30 current member states have veto power, which they can use to prevent decisions from being taken on their own.

However, it seems paradoxical that a possible exclusion is a decision that all member states must agree to. This means that a country can avoid being suspended or disqualified by simply voting against itself.

In the event that a country agrees to its exclusion, it would be more logical and easier to leave NATO itself.

Member states can choose to leave NATO on their own† Any country shall then notify the United States, as the Depositary (responsible) of the NATO Treaty, of its desire to do so. There is a one-year reflection period, after which any country can leave NATO permanently.

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Since its founding in 1949, no member state has completely left NATO† However, some countries have (temporarily) taken into account their contributions and commitments to NATO.

France, for example, withdrew militarily from the organization in 1966 after it became a nuclear power. The French remained a political member of NATO. It took until 2009 for France to join militarily.

Greece also withdrew militarily in 1974, after the invasion of Cyprus by fellow NATO member Turkey. However, there was no mention of a possible suspension or exclusion of Turkey. Greece became a full member again in 1980, in part through the intervention of the United States.

NATO’s main article is Article 5: An attack on a member state is an attack on all member states† When a NATO member country is under attack, other members are obligated to help. This article has been invoked only once. The United States did this after the attacks in New York on September 11, 2001. Turkey also responded to this call, which means that it has always adhered to NATO rules until now. detained

Turkey’s position on Finland and Sweden’s membership is another position conflict in a long list† Turkey and NATO were totally opposed due to military operations in Libya and Syria, Turkey’s role in the Syrian refugee crisis, the Turkish government’s response to the alleged coup in 2016, and close cooperation between Turkey and Russia.

According to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey is defending its own interests within NATO. The country has every right to do so under NATO law. He. She to block The accession of Finland and Sweden may upset the other member states, but it does not go against the rules.

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It is almost impossible to expel Turkey from NATO† Turkey has been of great importance to the organization since it joined NATO in 1952.

Through Turkey, NATO controls strategic waters such as the Black Sea, the Bosphorus, the Dardanelles, and the Mediterranean. Because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is critical that NATO be able to monitor those waters.

Turkey also has about 425,000 Energetic The largest army after the United States is the largest of all NATO member states. This is not a trivial trait in a military alliance.

Turkey is strategically and geographically of great importance to NATO.

Turkey is strategically and geographically of great importance to NATO.

Turkey is strategically and geographically of great importance to NATO.

And NATO desperately needs Turkey to tackle the problems in the Middle East, such as the above-mentioned war in Syria and the accompanying refugee influx. Turkey is a kind of buffer between the Middle East and Europe.

Although cooperation is not without conflict, the alternative to NATO is a much larger specter. So the organization is very committed to keeping Turkey on board, something Erdogan wants to take full advantage of.