“Our butter exports to Asia and the United States are expected to increase by 20% this year.”

"Our butter exports to Asia and the United States are expected to increase by 20% this year."

Due to the rapid expansion of avocado cultivation in Peru, the country is currently one of the largest exporters of this fruit in the world. In 2021, exports were worth more than $ 1 billion. “Large quantities were exported in April. The overall sector is expected to grow again this year,” said Omar Thias, director of Westphalia Fruit Peru and Westfalia Fruit Columbia.

“Exact figures are not yet available, but we estimate the amount to increase by 7%. The increase occurs mainly in the first phase of the season. Significant amounts of avocado trees have been planted in recent years, especially in the Olmos district and in the mountains and plateaus, so the availability is currently somewhat higher in April and May.”

Omar Dias I.

“Westfalia Fruit Perú exports avocados from January to the end of August. We are one of the companies with the largest sales calendars in Peru. We also have avocados from Colombia for ten days. We export from that country for 10 months. Year round. At the scale we ensure that our projects run smoothly, which is why we not only have access to products from Colombia, but we also work with colleagues in Chile, ”says Omar.

“Peru generally diversifies its sales channels for avocados, and we work in the same way as Westfalia fruit Peru, so that we can achieve consistent results throughout the season. Currently, Europe accounts for 40% of our exports, with the remainder in the United States, South America and Asia.”

“Asia is our growing market. Westphalia is one of the two largest exporters of Peruvian avocados to the continent. Japan, South Korea and China are our main markets.”

“In China, any growth, no matter how small, represents a significant increase in sales.”
Due to its size and sheer volume of consumption, Asia is a very popular market for many exporters, especially for products such as butter, the success of this fruit in other parts of the world can still be reflected in one area. About 60% of the world’s population and avocado consumption still have a large growth margin.

“The Chinese butter market started to emerge only a few years ago, but due to the epidemic it did not grow as much as expected due to low advertising opportunities. However, we are confident that there is potential and that China will be one of the fastest growing markets in the coming years. No matter how small, China’s That would mean a significant increase in sales due to the large population, “said Omar Theas. “Another important thing is that most avocados in China are still sold unripe. In the coming years there will undoubtedly be sales plans for fruits that are ready to eat, and like all other countries, consumption will receive another boost.”

“Currently, despite the population difference with China, we are still exporting more volumes to Japan and South Korea. In other words, the potential is huge and we will definitely grow stronger in the Chinese market. In India, too, but everything depends on logistics.”

New Westphalia processing facility in Peru

Logistics has become a problem over the past two years, evolving in many ways from the “Achilles heel” for the export sector to the real “Sword of Tomocles”. Not only have high freight rates or shortages of containers affected global export flows, but the delay in arrival determines the conditions under which the fruit reaches its target.

“Westphalia is always looking for new technologies that will allow it to go to faraway places. In China, this year we have faced the additional challenge of closing ports due to locks. It’s back to normal, which may allow for more shipments in the coming weeks. “

“We expect Westfalia fruit to grow 10% in size with Peru this year. Exports to Europe are expected to increase by 6%. The market for Peruvian fruit there has already grown slightly. We will achieve the largest growth in Asia. Both the United States, 20%. Predictably, the market is still under pressure due to Spain’s blocks longer than in other years. In Asia, prices are still stable. “

Nursery in Ayakucho (Peru)

“Colombian exports continue to grow rapidly”
Westfalia Fruit Perú has been developing strategic relationships with its avocado suppliers for over 20 years, helping Peruvian farmers to obtain technical support, certification assistance and the provision of high quality clonal plant products. All these help farmers to expand their land area, increase productivity, become more profitable and become more competitive in the competitive market.

“We currently export fruit from 14 different Peruvian regions and are one of the largest butter exporters in Peru. We have completed our first packing station south of Lima, which will guarantee the highest quality fruit. We have to export the fruits, ”says Omar.

Warehouse in Sonzon (Colombia)

“Colombia is becoming a major partner in the global market. Growth over the past year has not been excellent, but it is due to weather conditions. The weather event has reduced production per hectare in La Nina. Omar concludes.

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