Call to Make Freakbakes: “It’s a bit ordinary, but frikandel is Dutch street food” | Cooking and eating

Call to Make Freakbakes: "It's a bit ordinary, but frikandel is Dutch street food" |  Cooking and eating

Cooking and eatingA call from the deep frying industry: whether we want to share photos of our meat fingers en masse. Frikandellen, to be clear. Freakpicks.

It’ll take a few more weeks, but the fry-up is all set for National Fricandelian Day. For those who want to celebrate: It’s February 4th. To celebrate this holiday, the snack bars are running a promotion where everyone is required to submit their photo ops. As contributions to Frikandelian culture, according to the caption.

Better than Carnival, says TV chef Danny Jansen. “The flag comes out that day.” He is a huge fan of frikandellen and is a member of the Frikandel Special Geeks Facebook group. “You only see gifs there.”

He usually doesn’t stick to one. “I always get a threesome from the fridge. Delicious. Three is more than enough.” Isn’t it a bit ordinary, like this frikpic work? “I think he would fit in with Freikandl.”


It’s good to see that there is interest in all kinds of Frikandellin

Ike Bosman, better known as Snackspert

The more Frikandel cares, the better, says Jansen, who is known 24 kitchens. “It’s Dutch street food.” in his book Delicious fat He says How to make your own fricandeline. It is said that we eat 600 million pieces of it every year.

The invitation to participate in the Frikandeln Photo Contest comes from and Dutch Frituurcentrum in Veldhoven. “It’s good to see that there’s interest in all kinds of fricandelin,” says snack aficionado Ike Bosman, who has 100,000 followers on Instagram. What is his account name? snack bar. “Well inclusive,” he calls the call.

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Because there are quite a few, depending on the uninitiated: culinary frikandeleen, frikandeleen and special frikandeleen, whole or unnatural. Frikandellen from oyster mushrooms, other vegetable Frikandellen, Frikandellen XXL or sustainable Frikandellen with leftover meat. Then there’s also soft frikandelene, raw frikandelene, breaded frikandelene roll and frikandelene roll.

Many fans believe that only one is real: a Frekandel special. According to them, meat sticks can only be served in one correct way, which is chops with onions and curry – no ketchup and no mustard.

Confused with those other photos

It’s a really good idea, says Snaxpert. He himself puts a picture of his snack online about three to four times a week. “I think I put most of my photo paintings from Holland on the internet.”

Gastropedia describes frikandel as “hot dogs on steroids.” Deep fry connoisseur Opel Zuiderfeld He calls Frikandel “the Big Mac of the Undivided Low Countries”. The snack is also a favorite in the chip shop in Flanders, illustrating the chip shop sector. When shortages threatened last year, said Roel Thelin of wholesale firm Bidfood Frisian newspaper:,, Frikandellen is the carotid artery of the cafeteria. “

Because confusion with those other images lurks, fryers warn you to keep them tidy. Those interested in participating can submit the photo until Wednesday, February 1. tells you how to do this.

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