February 7, 2023

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Cabinet plan: Accelerate hundreds of millions of euros to buy farmers

Cabinet plan: Accelerate hundreds of millions of euros to buy farmers

In this way the Cabinet hopes to calm the unrest among the angry farmers and shelter the provinces.

Acceleration plans

Final details of the plan are still under discussion, and the government’s plan is expected to be formally presented within the next week. There are already “accelerated plans” in many counties to buy farmers and reduce nitrogen emissions in industry and commuting. Implementation of those plans is waiting for money from the Cabinet. In Minister van der Waal’s Cabinet plan, the provinces were given scope to carry out their plans.

Because of farmers’ purchase, nitrogen space becomes available. The Minister wants to use this space to help the so-called “PAS Correspondents”. They are farmers and businesses that have been operating illegally since the State Council decision on nitrogen in 2019.

Farmers in a state of uncertainty

At that time, the State Council destroyed the nitrogen approach program. Because the highest administrative court has declared this approach illegal, several thousand farmers and businesses have been in great uncertainty since the ruling.

Since the introduction of the nitrogen schemes a few weeks ago, there has been significant upheaval among farmers and in the countryside. The Cabinet is trying to initiate a discussion with the agriculture sector, led by former VVD Minister Johann Remix.

Soon Remkes will be back from vacation. The first meeting with the relevant ministers will be held next Wednesday. Various farmers’ organizations have declared that they do not trust Remkes.