March 26, 2023

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Cabinet: No more starter support scheme this year

Cabinet: No more starter support scheme this year

The interim government sometimes wants to see if it is Corona crisis support packages It can do something extra for starting entrepreneurs. A large parliamentary majority (including government parties) believes that companies started between last summer and September of this year are not doing well. In the case of provision for fixed costs, the situation is compared with the sales volume lost from a period when those firms did not exist yet.

Minister Block said in the House of Representatives that he can no longer come up with additional measures for start-ups this year, as this will lead to implementation problems and could delay other entrepreneurs. “The new scheme should help the target group and be anti-fraud,” he said. According to Block, such a scheme is complicated and it will take until next month before the government can say anything about it. It wouldn’t go further than announcing an investigation now.

No rotation due to pregnancy

The Cabinet promised the House of Representatives that it would come up with a better arrangement for businessmen who are pregnant and thus unable to achieve turnover. According to the majority of the members of the house, this group is now often sandwiched between two chairs.

The government has also pledged to explore whether more can be done for self-employed people without zzp’ers. The current safety net contained in the decree on assistance for the self-employed has been extended until January 1, so that no asset testing is required to apply for such assistance. The outgoing Foreign Minister and Rasma already did not want to promise to keep this extension after January 1, because he also does not know which Corona measures will be applied. But he wants to “research and elaborate” on the options, so that the Cabinet can make a quick decision.

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The room is widely agreed upon

In the House, there were also many questions about specific groups or sectors, for which more might need to be done, but overall the House majority appears to agree with the support package for entrepreneurs recently announced by the Cabinet.

After tightening Corona measures, the Cabinet announced two weeks ago that the NOW (wage support) scheme would return and that the fixed-cost allocation would be expanded.

Today’s Block emphasized that arrangements should not be “too rigged with impossible things” and that from the point of view of legal equality not much “allocation” could be provided: “We have to be honest that not everything is possible.”