For the third time the judge is blocking the vaccination duty of the Biden administration

For the third time the judge is blocking the vaccination duty of the Biden administration

For the third time, a U.S. judge has barred vaccination duty for a particular industry. At this point, a Georgia federal judge has suspended the need for vaccinations for employees of companies that do business with the government.

Judge Stan Baker said the ruling applies to the United States as a whole, otherwise it could lead to chaos.

This is the third consecutive victory for Republican-led states. They oppose the epidemic measures of President Biden’s administration. Earlier, a judge also ruled out compulsory vaccinations for health workers and companies with more than 100 employees.

Judge: Biden goes a long way

A Georgia judge appointed by former President Trump has acknowledged the “tragic number” of corona virus infections in his country and world, citing the reasons for his sentence.

“But, even in times of crisis, the court must respect the law and ensure that all areas of power comply with the provisions of the Constitution,” he added.

The judge ruled that President Biden was out of his way and should involve Congress in his decision to impose vaccination duties on the private sector.

Applause for the epidemic response policy

The prosecuting attorney on behalf of the three states and several organizations said after the verdict: The rule of law has won and our freedom has been protected. If the president violates his authority, the law is pleasing. Stop him. “Shout when he abuses his power.”

Compulsory vaccinations are an important part of the PDN administration’s epidemic-fighting policy. Under his outbreak plan, Biden seeks to persuade 80 million eligible Americans to be vaccinated through vaccination duties.

With this ruling, all three vaccination duties associated with the private sector are currently suspended. However, civil servants and military personnel still have vaccination obligations.

For example, Biden announced the need for the vaccine:

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