Cabinet cancels status and obligation to report coronavirus

Cabinet cancels status and obligation to report coronavirus

At the start of March, the advice to test and isolate had already expired. At the time, experts concluded that the Netherlands was in the ‘endemic phase’, in which the virus is still circulating, but rarely does anyone get sick.


If a disease is given an A status, all kinds of legal measures can be introduced, such as isolation, quarantine, and even a ban on practicing a profession when someone is sick.

In addition, there is an obligation to report A-status diseases. With the deletion of the case, the obligation to report to the GGD in the event of a positive corona test in the laboratory ends. Diseases such as SARS, smallpox and polio are still to be reported.

In an advice to the government, the RIVM wrote that the obligation to report was “no longer proportional”. There are plenty of ways to collect data on possible new coronavirus cases, such as monitoring wastewater.

memorial moment

The Cabinet is also busy preparing for the commemoration of the Corona period in the Netherlands. This should happen next year, in 2024, at different times and places in the Netherlands and the Caribbean Netherlands. A special “dwelling on Corona” committee has recently been working on plans for this.

An earlier plan to come up with a national anniversary as early as 2022 was scrapped because the number of coronavirus infections was still too high last year.

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