Buyers of bankrupt fashion chains will sell top-notch furniture

Buyers of bankrupt fashion chains will sell top-notch furniture

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Bankrupt fashion chain Score may be doing the reboot differently. The MFG group, which has acquired several slick fashion chains such as McGregor, SuperTrash, Claudia Sträter and Miss Etam, entered into an agreement with the recipient to initially sell Score shares.

MFG Group will not take over the Score brand nor continue the retail chain that collapsed last month. Entrepreneur Martijn Rozenboom’s company will dispose of Score’s clothing inventory, and at the same time investigate what else could be done “differently.”

“The coming weeks will be dominated by stock reductions and, unfortunately, the closing of a number of stores,” a message to employees said. “This may provide a new opportunity for the future and the possibility of closing another successful period all together.”

In June, Score and the Chasin clothing brand belonging to the same company went bankrupt. At that time, the two had more than 50 stores, online stores and overseas outlets, and 450 employees. Last week, Chasin’ was acquired by JOG Group, known for its jeans hub, among others.

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