Businessman | “During the action of the US government”

Businessman |  "During the action of the US government"

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Elske Dots has been passionate about the American way of doing business for many years. And he explains in this blog that the Corona period further stimulated that love. ‘If only there was a little more America in the Netherlands at this point.’

Elske Doets | Makes the journey

26 November 2021

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From the first time I interacted with Americans, I loved their uncompromising trust. In the Netherlands (and Europe) you often have to deal with people who raise their hands to provoke expectations, and in the United States the opposite is true: they will always find your plans.Good!‘,’Fantastic!‘In’Awesome!‘. By the sea, they think such surprises are superficial, but I do not care about the veracity of such cries. What worries me is the self-expressing mindset, that is: it is always better to have plans than not to have plans. And those changes and ambitions are worth encouraging and embracing. If there was one area in the Netherlands at this time that was larger than the United States, I would often think.

Already weak companies are usually kept alive with valid support packages

Common to the American way of doing business is a video call I recently made with a dear American business partner. In the Netherlands I often have to walk on egg shells to justify that I have drastically changed the structure of my board at Doets Reizen. She complimented me on the speed of the action. Corona realized in advance that it foretells a new era, which puts different demands on travel companies. ,,Survival of the fittest, dear! “ She reassured me of the need to intervene without hesitation. It was as if that comment came home to me. There was not only praise, but also reality: if you do not change, you will eat.

To me, the action of the US government during the Corona period was much healthier and more realistic than that of the Netherlands. Here the government was immediately ready with generally valid support packages aimed at social security. With this, the already weakened companies are also kept alive. In short, our government, without making any choice, leaked money to everyone.

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‘Obviously my preference for the American mentality seems strong to many here,’

Love Dots

In the United States, government assistance is designed very ‘naturally’, and I think in the best way. As stated in it தக்கனபிழைத்துவாழ்தல்In principle, they were not ready for support packages from the first minute, but over time they saw Performance Of companies. The big advantage is that companies that are passively active and aiming for change – survivors or grown ones – can now count on support. And the little brothers disappear from the scene on their own.

Frankly, my preference for the American mentality seems strong to many here. But I think: What is best for the well-being of employees? Want To Get Into The Gift Basket Business? Or switch to a new company that faces the future with foresight and confidence?

I say: Let nature be more natural. In business matters.

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Love Dots

CEO / Owner Doets Reizen

Owner of Elske Doets Makes the journey, Who started the community with social involvement BuddyBold And founder Young Girl Business Academy (YLBA). With his controversial vision of the future of society and the economy, he has been a welcome guest on shows such as Op1, WNL op Zondag and Nieuwsuur. Every two weeks an expert writes a blog for De Wonderner.

The key message of Elsky is that we must collectively get rid of old ways of thinking and reflexes. Where Elske appears, movement arises. And he shifts the focus from disagreements to a structured solution in a beautiful and light way. His latest book ‘Bloei’ (‘New Context for Growth’) has already inspired many to make a difference in their lives.

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