Bitcoin mining with nuclear power in USA

Bitcoin mining with nuclear power in USA

The United States is increasingly proving itself to be the promised land for Bitcoin miners. Again an interesting project has started in Pennsylvania. There is a party that wants to mine Bitcoin with nuclear power.

Green data center

The data center was built by Cumulus Data, a sister company of energy producer Dalen Energy. In total, the data center will draw 48 MW of power from the nuclear power plant.

“Our flagship Cumulus Susquehanna data center is set to secure its first tenant and begin commercial operations this year. We look forward to taking action in our mission to solve the ‘energy trilemma.’ CEO Alex Hernandez said.

It has been working on the Nautilus cryptomine since August 2021, which will become a carbon-free mine. They are working on this with bitcoin miner Terawolf, but the facility is not yet ready for use. In early December of last year, construction of the Bitcoin mine was briefly suspended.

Nuclear Future?

Nuclear power is seen by many as the future basis of all power grids in the world. Opinions about nuclear power are often divided because we all know the images of disaster. As much as people are sometimes afraid of flying, it’s actually the safest way to get from A to B.

We are especially frightened by scenes of plane crashes, so we cannot think realistically about the real dangers. Nuclear energy could theoretically be the basis of our electricity supply and Bitcoin is now partially contributing to this in the US.

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According to reports, the nuclear power plant balances supply and demand using Bitcoin mining, which Bitcoin in Texas also does.

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