Bruce Arians reconciles his earlier comments about Antonio Brown with subsequent events

Bruce Arians reconciles his earlier comments about Antonio Brown with subsequent events

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In October 2020, Buccaneers coach Bruce Aryan was blown away by the consequences of a single Antonio Brown failed. And when he erred, as he inevitably did, Ariosion did not blow up Brown’s house.

After Sunday’s 32-6 win over the Panthers, during that quarterback Tom Brady Targeting Brown 15 times (10 catches for 101 yards), Arius reconsidered his earlier notes with Peter King of Football morning in America.

“When you and I spoke last year, We were talking about old experiences with Antonio‘ said the Arians, the king. “When he came back to us, he was a model citizen. There was a new history. I really liked the way he tried to fit in, made his way and gave us everything he had to go to the Super Bowl. My whole attitude towards him changed. I saw him trying to be a better human being. So I have a completely different relationship than when you and I spoke last year.”

However, one aspect of the relationship remains constant. It’s the dynamic that Brady is driving. Arians do not want Brown; Brady did. Brady finally got what he wanted. If Brown had gotten it wrong last season, he would have created an intriguing dilemma for the Aryans. With the Super Bowl ring and Brown re-signed as a free agent after a successful stint in 2020, things are already different.

But the relationship with Brady remains the same. As evidenced by the fact that Brown suited him for the first time in 10 weeks and Brady threw the ball hard in Brown’s way. So, no, Brown isn’t going anywhere until Brady says so. With injuries like Mike Evans And Chris Goodwin Making Brown all the more important for another Super Bowl run, Brady will want Brown to be nowhere else than where he is.

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