Britney Spears fans are ‘angry’ at the upcoming Jimmy Lynn interview

Britney Spears fans are 'angry' at the upcoming Jimmy Lynn interview

An audio commentary announces the interview with words such as “What would she say and what would she want you to know about her family?” Britney’s fans accuse the channel and the program of providing a play “of someone who knowingly cooperated in the care of her sister and benefited greatly from her.”

Who did you buy this interview from? Perhaps not from the publishing house but still a Britney asset. What is the significance of this conversation? A book containing only lies to wipe and clean Jimmy Lynn Street. Nobody, but nobody really wants a cry from Jimmy Lynn,” one fan wrote. Another says, “Originally the title of the book was I have to admitOne of Britney’s most successful song lyrics darling again. The fact that you had the courage to take advantage of your sister’s success says enough about this human being. It’s “The Britney Army” Jamie Lynn Sfeir once again and changed the title after all. If she hadn’t, she would have pitched a book featuring Britney’s words and she wouldn’t be ashamed of it.

The relationship between Britney and Jamie Lynn hasn’t been good for years. Britney accuses her sister of abandoning her and doing nothing to get her out of custody. Earlier this month, the singer unfollowed her sister, after earlier speaking about her harsh criticism of her on Instagram.

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