Amsterdam is among the 3 best apartments for rent in Europe

Amsterdam is among the 3 best apartments for rent in Europe

Amsterdam ranks third among the most expensive cities in Europe when it comes to rents for one-bedroom apartments. The average rent for an apartment in the city is 1,641 euros per month. Only in London (1,850 € per month) and Paris (1964 € per month) is the price higher. In addition, rents for rooms, studios and apartments in European cities continue to rise.

HousingAnywhere, Kamernet’s parent company, has researched this. The figures in the rent index report for the fourth quarter show that apartment rent has increased slightly compared to last year (+0.37%).

The price of a studio in the city has risen sharply in the past year. A year ago, tenants were still paying 971 euros a month for a studio. This year, this was an average of 1,181 euros per month, an increase of 22 percent. This puts Amsterdam in joint second place with Utrecht when it comes to rents in European cities. London is No. 1 with an average price of €1,211 for a studio.

Amsterdam also scores highly on a European level when it comes to room rentals, but with current rents it’s not in the top 3. Renters pay an average of €651 per month for a room in the city, putting Amsterdam in fifth place. In Utrecht more per room (670€ p/m). Then London (711 € per month), Munich (728 € per month) and again Paris come out on top (787 € per month).

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