British Iranians are allowed to return to the UK after years of detention in Iran

British Iranians are allowed to return to the UK after years of detention in Iran

British-Iranian Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is on her way to the UK after being held in Iran for nearly six years. At first she was in prison, the last few years she was under house arrest. British MP Tulip Seddik said that Zaghari-Ratcliffe is waiting for her flight at Tehran airport.

The woman obtained her passport from the Iranian authorities at the end of last week. His British-Iranian lawyer Anousheh Ashouri, who has been detained for four years, says he may also leave Iran.

Zaghari-Ratcliffe was working as a project manager for the Thomson Reuters Foundation when she was convicted in 2016 of spreading propaganda, espionage and conspiracy against the Iranian regime. The 37-year-old was living in the UK but was on vacation in Iran to allow her parents to meet her almost two-year-old daughter.

Al-Achouri was arrested in 2017 while visiting his mother in Iran. He was convicted of espionage. The two men and the British government have always denied the allegations.

Request to cancel 1500 tanks

Negotiations over the two’s possible release gained momentum this month. The detention of British Iranians from various sides has been linked to a British debt of $530 million owed to Iran. London owes the Iranian government money to cancel an order that Iran had already paid for 1,500 tanks after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

According to state media Fars News, final formalities are being finalized at the airport so the two can be handed over to a team of British government representatives. It is also said that London repaid its debts to Iran.

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