Brett Decker was cheated: ‘We promised a ton’

Brett Decker was cheated: 'We promised a ton'

Bitcoins are a sensitive topic. Britt and her friend are tricked by the gardener they met at the riding school. On his advice, they invest in cryptocurrency. “We invested 1,500 euros together and he promised it would be a ton. My girlfriend already bought an expensive brand bag.”

It appears that the man has nothing but the right intentions regarding the two friends’ money. “This guy turned out to be a fat fraud, he cheated us so badly. He left with Northern Sun and our money. I learned my lesson. Besides, what can you do with a Louis Vuitton bag in the stable?”

Nowadays, Brit himself does not allow himself to sew on his ear so easily. She even knows how to get her way in creative ways. In 2019, for example, she had the most fun contract negotiations in Hilversum by asking John de Mol for a dressage horse in exchange for TV show work.

With the help of Erland Galjaard, Talpa’s strategic advisor, it succeeds. For the first two years of her contract with Talpa, Britt didn’t get a penny, but she did have the stallion George on loan. With him she rides dressage at a high level – she won bronze and silver at the European Iberian Horse Championships – and trains in the best stable.

She has no regrets about the private negotiations. “so what If everyone thinks you are crazy? Then you think Out of the box. “

You can read the full interview with Brett now LINDA. girls.

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