Bremer Transport has been taken over by St vd Brink

Bremer Transport has been taken over by St vd Brink

Saturday, January 07, 2023 9:47 PM

Borum – The transport company St vd Brink acquired Bremer Transport from Burum from Ermelo on January 1, 2023. It concerns both the transport and personnel activities of Bremer Transport.

The acquisition of activities concerned 20 transport units and 24 employees.

growth in the construction sector

Part of St vd Brink’s strategic cycle is to grow in the construction sector. The acquisition gives a nice explanation for that. With the acquisition, employment is guaranteed. The company said in a press release.

Bremer Transport’s name and position remain secured. Alwyn Bremer will remain involved in the company. The two parties put together a roadmap after it became clear that Bremer was open for sale.

“At the first meeting, we mentioned that the feeling on both sides must be good to continue the process. This feeling turned out to be positive, also due to the fact that both companies are family businesses with a rich history. For me, vd Brink was also the party that moved Our company to him,” says Alwin Bremer.

Bremer once started out as a messenger driver with a horse and buggy. Four generations later, today Bremer specializes in the exceptional transportation of sea containers, building chains, timber frame construction, fenders, construction cams and lumber. With crane trucks, in addition to transportation, the transported load can be immediately placed in the right place up to a distance of 36 meters.

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