Brain operation succeeded by Ernst Daniel Smid

Brain operation succeeded by Ernst Daniel Smid

During the hours-long surgery, electrodes and a nerve stimulator were implanted. That way he hopes to be less bothered by the physical complaints he has with Parkinson’s disease. Now that the process is complete, it must be established whether the symptoms have actually decreased. According to Jolanda, Ernst Daniel is currently “too tired to talk”. Due to illness, he also had difficulty speaking before the operation.

“I am looking forward to it and hope to be less shaken afterwards,” Ernst Daniel said earlier about the operation in a conversation with the newspaper. He has been on a waiting list for months and is praying for the success of the surgery. Ernst Daniel often suffers from the consequences of the disease, such as trembling hands and poor voice. “Because of the tremor, which I can’t control, I can’t eat properly and the meal turns into a fight on the plate. That’s why I always sit on my left hand. Otherwise my whole body is trembling.”

Simply holding the spoon to stir the coffee is no longer possible. “I am tired at the end of the day and can barely speak,” he continues. “It’s still fine in the morning. Then I still have a little energy.”

Ernst Daniel proudly published his autobiography of his life last summer. RTL Boulevard spoke to him about it.

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