Boras: Rodon is looking for a multi-year deal

Boras: Rodon is looking for a multi-year deal

The White Sox made a rather surprising decision Not a problem Eligible bid of $18.4 million left Carlos Rodon before the deadline last Sunday. This allowed Rodon to hit the open market unrelated to a draft pick forfeit, and the Sox would receive no compensation if the All-Star were signed elsewhere.

Scott Borras, Agent Rodon, thanked the organization for not doing a QO while speaking with reporters (including James Fegan athlete) this afternoon. Boras stated emphatically that they would have refused the QO had it been performed. On top of that, he seemed to drop the idea of ​​Rodon signing a one-year deal with Chicago or someone else this winter.

Obviously we are following a multi-year contract and will not sign a one-year contractBoras said. There was some belief that Rodon might be looking to maximize his 2022 earnings on a one-year agreement, hope to back his impressive 2021 showing with another great season, then set out on a nine-figure hunt next winter. That doesn’t seem to be the course of action that Rodon will take, at least not at the start of the season.

To be sure, a long-term deal is a justified goal. In the first inning, Rodon was one of the best bowlers in baseball this past season. He threw 132 2/3 frames of 2.37 ERA balls, ranking second among 129 throwers with over 100 rounds. It also ranked second in strike rate (34.6%), third in strike/walk rate difference (27.9 percentage points), fourth in SIERA (2.96) and seventh in swing strike rate (15%).

Possible disruption of Rodon was not effective, but health. He was limited to only 42 1/3 rounds between 2019-20 due to injuries. After remaining healthy for most of the 2021 campaign, Proudhon ended up on the casualty list with shoulder pain and lost a few weeks in August.

He continued to be very effective on his comeback, but the fast ball speed and glide speed dropped a few marks along the stretch. It’s plausible that Rodon intentionally stepped back off the throttle in preparation for the playoffs, as the Sox finished the AL Central title at the end of July. His brisk pace, at least, bounced back during his only appearance after the season. That outing lasted 2 2/3 of rounds, and his slider stayed in the 84-mph region late in the season instead of his usual 85-87-mph range from May through July. The White Sox were eliminated by the Astros before Rodon had a chance for another start.

Team ratings for Rodon’s shoulder are critical in determining its ultimate market strength. Unsurprisingly, Boras told reporters that the 28-year-old (December 29) is in good health. If the team’s medical staff agree, Rodon will likely receive solid offers for several years, given that he is one of a small group of free-client throwers who have shown he can deliver ace-like numbers at his best.

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