Bobby Epstein wants more races in America

Bobby Epstein wants more races in America

Bobby Epstein wants more Formula 1 races in America. According to the circuit’s boss in Austin, Circuit of the Americas has seen enough demand from fans in North America to organize more races.

Two races are currently scheduled in the United States, which will be expanded with a night race in Las Vegas next season. The Miami Grand Prix was on the calendar for the first time this year, and Austin has raced since 2012. But according to Epstein, it could certainly be expanded with more species in the United States.

A growing number of fans

Epstein said of the Circuit of the Americas that the race draws more fans than capacity. For that reason, it seems more than logical for him to organize several races in America. “The demand in America right now is incredible. So there will be at least three races, but maybe more,” he said.

own experience

Epstein can mainly talk about the Grands Prix held at his own track. This year, for the tenth time, the American Grand Prix will be held there, which sold out in two days, according to Epstein. According to him, increasing ability is certainly possible, but it comes at the expense of experience, and Epstein has no intention of diminishing that aspect. He believes the sport is becoming more popular in America and is doing everything he can to make it as enjoyable as possible for fans. “We don’t control the content on the track. We control the entertainment and action on the track.”

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