Bob and Alex Blow Buy Without A Care Couple After “Mission Impossible”

Bob and Alex Blow Buy Without A Care Couple After "Mission Impossible"

When Martijn Krabbé pays a visit to the couple, it turns out that the housing shortage is high. Lisa bursts into tears when she sees the presenter at the door. The two have been house hunting for a year and have had around 25 sightings. So far they haven’t had much success, but they hope it will be a team Buy without looking changes that.

They want a single family home with at least three bedrooms, a garden and a spacious kitchen. They have budgeted €310,000 for this, including a possible renovation.

Bob Sickens and Alex Van Keulen assured the couple that it wasn’t easy with their small budget, but miraculously enough, they soon struck a deal at Lochem. It’s where Lisa is high on her list.

There is still a lot to do with the house however at a purchase price of 300,000 they just can’t leave it alone. Lisa and Risky are also excited when they see the house. Although they hope to renew some things.

You might think that renewing for 10,000 euros is not easy, but a married couple can add another 10,000 euros, bringing their budget to 20,000 euros. Bob works wonders with that money: he installs a brand new kitchen and new floors, renovates the bathroom, and Roos provides a real playroom for Riski and a cozy guest room for his parents.

When the couple see the end result, they can’t believe their eyes: “How beautiful!” I’m really amazed, ”Lisa exclaims. Is this really ours? I don’t even know where to look. Riski is also over the moon. “I am really very happy!”

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Buy without looking It can be seen every Monday at 8.30pm on RTL4. You can watch the episode at Videoland.

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