Bluetooth calling will soon sound better on Android phones

Bluetooth calling will soon sound better on Android phones

Although the sound through wireless headphones has gotten better and better over the years, the sound quality on phone calls is often disappointing. This is not due to the hardware, but to the underlying software: live chats use different protocols than music, because it should be possible to talk back live at the same time. These protocols often look a bit outdated due to the deficient frequencies.

A Bluetooth software update within Android should add support for “Super Wideband”. This technology ensures that the frequency range during phone calls becomes wider and sounds sound more natural. It should sound better than HD Voice, which service providers have been offering for a decade to improve voice quality.

Spotted in Android Code

Google itself has yet to announce anything about the update, but Android journalist Mishaal Rahman saw the change in Google’s repository of the phone’s software. Everyone can contribute to the development of Android, and thus also see what is being changed.

Connected headphones and earphones must support the frequencies being used, but most modern devices do.

It remains to be seen how quickly Google will release the update: for now, the update is only listed in the codebase, and then it may be a while before the tech giant finally pushes everything to Android phones.

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