Bloomberg: Apple postpones its mixed reality headset after development problems

I have a VR headset that works fine. Few errors etc.
I had a smartwatch that worked fine for years before Apple came along and Apple didn’t have to improve.
I have a wireless charging pad that charges my watch, phone, and headphones which work without any issues. So no, some technologies are completely bug-free and Apple really lags behind.

I had an iPad that I had to fight a bit (with legal help) to get it fixed for free (only 3 days of warranty), while the problem is described in Apple Support articles as a known hardware issue from Apple. iPad payments.

Your statement may have been true in the past, at the time of the introduction of the iPod/iPhone, Apple had reached the point where the software and hardware were further developed to strike a clever combination with a well-functioning system. But nowadays, Apple doesn’t do that anymore.
On OS updates, Apple continues to fail (just like competitors, but Apple has fewer hardware to support and test), with hardware problems often persisting over the past few years. Often when there are major hardware issues, it takes months to years for Apple to give in and provide a solution, but often this is preceded by a battle by consumers.

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