An old acquaintance charms Anuk again on TVOH

An old acquaintance charms Anuk again on TVOH

Jefferson says in Holland sound He once approached Anuk on the street. “Anouk lives near me, I have no idea where. But I already thought to myself: If I ever met her and had a guitar ready, I’d just ask if I could sing a song to her,” he explains. . And it happened.

When Jefferson was training with a friend, Anuk suddenly passed. He sang two songs for her and also got some advice from the singer. Now it’s back TVOH With her own song, which Anouk played on the spot. But she wasn’t the only one. Glennis, Ali, and Willon also want Jefferson to be on their team. Waylon even went so far as to block Anuk.

“You really enjoy it,” Ali responds to the performance. It seems to the rapper an interesting idea that Jefferson sings the song “Delicate”. “I would have loved to coach you, because I think you are great,” Anouk says, after which she advised him to go to Glennis. “The picture is just right,” says Glennis. Waylon makes a plea, but in the end Jefferson chooses Glennis.

Go hard against hard TVOH, but there’s also plenty of time for jokes:

Holland sound It can be seen every Friday at 8 pm. on RTL 4 and can be watched in Videoland, wherever acoustic return stage It can be admired with glossy and typhoon.

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