February 1, 2023

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Blizzard announces Warcraft Arclight Rumble Mobile – Games – News

Markus Persson => Sold Majong/Minecraft to MS, so yes for money.

Ed Boon => He didn’t own a computer game company, he worked for a company she was working for for money but wasn’t really good at it and went bankrupt, meanwhile WarnerBros is where he works and that’s not exactly a charity… .

Sid Meier => Co-founder of MicroProse, which was sold in 1993… and sold. Firaxis Games (Co-Founder) was sold to Take-Two Interactive, so yes for money.

John Romero => Co-founder of id Software, He was fired from Id Software because his creative vision and reality do not match. Then Ion Storm (Daikatana “one of the worst video games ever”) was sold to Eidos Interactive and eventually closed down… Now under Romero Games, check out the games they made… Well… ..

So, yes, companies (and owners) do it for the money and if they don’t, they generally fail. Sometimes you can create a whole vision game profitable due to beautiful and unique conditions. Sometimes it is fortunate that people later call it the “full vision game”. And sometimes you have a good idea and that’s it.. *cough* Romero *cough*

In addition, you can not compare now and 30-40 years ago. Is the civilization of that time still the civilization of today? Is this Mortal Kombat? Is this death? What great things did Markus Persson produce after Minecraft, a title he hasn’t teased in over 10 years… Is Minecraft since then the Minecraft of today (I have no idea!)?