Blake Bortles granted release from Saints following the team’s decision to sign Andy Dalton

Blake Bortles granted release from Saints following the team's decision to sign Andy Dalton
NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Miami Dolphins
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Blake Burtles He’s seen enough of Louisiana, and it didn’t seem like it took long for him to want to get out. with the New Orleans Saints inking James Winston To a new deal that would surely make him the number one quarterback in 2022, the Bortles were hoping to at least compete for a reserve role – against a second-year talent. Ian Book In the wake of Tsum Hill Choosing to work on it is now becoming a narrow end. Instead, the saints I decided to sign Andy Dalton on the listAnd the Bortles have no interest in competing for a place in QB3.

on tuesday veteran order and He received his release from the organization. This move puts the previous 3rd general pick in the now quiet surroundings of free agency for any team looking for a potential QB2.

Portels, 29, started his career as the top pick in Jacksonville Jaguars In 2014, which helped lead the team to an appearance in the AFC Championship and then the contract was extended, but it was short-lived. The wheels started falling off the Jaguars soon after, and the Bortles’ journey around the NFL began. Was spending time with Los Angeles rams In 2019 before a shorter stay with Denver Broncosthen again with the rams – both in 2020 – then to Green Bay Packers in 2021.

His stay with the Saints was the most brief of them all, and his career record of 24-49 isn’t the most attractive of the current group of Free Agent QBs. But if the Portels can convince another team of what they failed to convince the Saints of, he’ll get another chance to support someone’s start.

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