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Microsoft has added a button to Bing AI that allows users to share their conversations with the bot online via a link. When users click on it, the last reply from the shared conversation in Bing Chat opens, allowing other users to continue the conversation.

Users can share Bing’s response directly to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email, or create a permanent link. If others open the link, they will be sent to Bing Chat, where the shared response, including source credit, will be completed. The question that led to this answer, on the other hand, is not shared.

Users can then ask follow-up questions based on the shared answer. Edge opened For example, a link from a Bing bot that lists a number of meal ideas, then requests vegan versions of those meals. The site mentions that this doesn’t always seem to work, without giving examples.

Moreover Microsoft promises Now that Bing AI’s more “balanced” approach to conversation, which requires the bot to give shorter but faster answers, should work “significantly” better. Also, the bot should be able to better understand context in a more “creative” manner. This should allow Bing to better summarize large amounts of text and handle longer conversations. Finally, the maximum number of questions per session has been increased to fifteen, and the total number of questions per day has been increased to 150.

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