Bilal Wahib: After the mistake, I was on the verge of depression | stars

Bilal Wahib: After the mistake, I was on the verge of depression |  stars

“After the mistake I was on the verge of depression, but also on the verge of exhaustion,” he says. The incident occurred in March 2021. The actor and rapper had a difficult period after that, as it was canceled by many parties. But he has now struggled to return to the spotlight. He recently released new music and will be touring soon.

“My mum only learned how famous I was after I got completely wrong,” Waheeb told KRO-NCRV DJ Waheeb. Only then did she see me in all the media. And I thought: What the hell is this? I have to punish him now, not all of you.” At first, Waheeb was unable to comfort his mother with whom he was very close. She has forgiven him now. “Things are going well now,” says the actor and rapper.

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Wahib takes a look at the case that was dropped by the Public Prosecution. The violations were proven, but it was a misplaced joke, the prosecution ruled. “The judge told me: You screwed up what you did. It was a criminal offense, but we are going to drop it. Because you already have your criminal case.”

Wahib himself found it somewhat strange to pass through the dust in front of the whole world. “I had to be with the family and with the baby. But it really happened, I actually did. Like it had to be on TV. I thought that was a little weird. But that’s the downside of being famous.” The actor calls himself a “rogue” who “makes mistakes and learns from them”.

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