ASUS introduces first-generation ROG Phone 6 Snapdragon 8+ with 165Hz display – tablets and phones – news

Let me give it a shot from a user’s point of view and a real powerful user experience.

ROG phones are of course the best gaming phones you can find, that’s for sure.
And although now they are starting to get expensive, you also get something in return.
I’ve had a ROG 2 – 512GB as my main device for 2.7 years and it’s my first device that I’m still enjoying after a long time.

What many don’t see is that it can also be very good everyday, and games aren’t necessary.

Well, what does it excel at:

– Battery life… simple. Nothing in the premium Android category comes close.
It’s a real all-day device with heavy use and the rest not saving with heavy use, it was simple (talk about Android!).
– Charging is very fast without the sheer speed and some people find it questionable in terms of life span. The battery software is also top notch and you can adjust everything, including the times when it starts charging slowly in favor of the battery etc.
– Battery bypass, so when it’s full you can keep it on the charger and when you use it, the device bypasses the battery for consumption and takes power directly from the charging port instead of everything going through the battery.
Asus was the first two years with this feature. Definitely an indispensable feature for gamers!
– Ordinary heritage stuff like the LED notification light! You can see what’s coming from meters away.
Not many people know about these features anymore.
But also think of a 3.5mm audio jack, dual USB-C ports, and true front-facing stereo speakers. Nothing comes close to these speakers. Sony pretends but it’s very disappointing for the front speakers.
The rest have at the bottom and top or sometimes only the top.
Viewing/listening to multimedia isn’t quite as nice anywhere as on ROG phones in terms of sound.
– Dual SIM is real, so it’s not a second E-SIM but just a regular SIM and you can use it anywhere in the world.
Although E-sim has its advantages as well, it’s still really cool at the moment.
Sold with the fast charger on board. Sad thing is that it is now seen as a plus but it is now. Instead of paying another 50 euros. Now you have the perfect 100% charger for your device, with another charger you never know is 100% 100%.
– Asus is very good with many stock Android features but with some useful features.
Handy Air triggers are on the side for gaming but I use them to turn on/off functions.
For example turn the flashlight on/off by pressing, just like in the old days with the Pixel, for example.
For gamers, this is of course the end of the upper left/right triggers for first person shooter games.
– The camera can sometimes surprise you in terms of quality and takes very good selfies (software!)

What are the disadvantages?

– No wireless charging. I find RGB backlight and little displays to add. I would have preferred wireless charging and had a faux leather back instead of this glass. Because of games and external cooling units, this is not an option, but it is not necessary for me.
– Software support is obscure, eg at least 2 years but no 3 year warranty on updates, so these days it’s on the low side! It also comes very late with OS updates. Double Asus
– The display is always very lean in terms of settings, far from Samsung where you can set and adjust everything.
The camera is sometimes surprisingly good and sometimes bad… the macro lens is bullshit anyway and I must say I miss the zoom lens.
If the camera is heavy, don’t take the ROG.
The front design because of the two tires (they are there for a reason) looks 2016. I totally understand the reasons but you always look at the front and it looks old. But you don’t want to miss the speakers and LED notifications.
– No real IP rating… It’s now IPX4 but that’s a far cry from the rest. It can be a disadvantage for some.
– I think they earn too much.

I’ll be using another device this summer, either the ROG 6 or the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, but I doubt we’ll get it here in NL.
I might be able to last until January for the S23U but Samsung still managed to disappoint me with its hardware in some areas.

It will be very difficult, because I do not want to miss the speakers and especially the battery!
On the other hand, I really need a better camera and I don’t think the step up to the Rog6 is too big.
The new front design would also be nice, because I think the white back of Frost is nice, but you never see it, whereas after a day I see the same front look again and I’ve seen it now.
Basically I have a welfare problem.

we will see.

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