Bike brawl breaks out high on De Rijdende Recht: ‘You’re a bag of salt’

Bike brawl breaks out high on De Rijdende Recht: 'You're a bag of salt'

Rina has a parking lot in front of her house where she parks her car every day. Her neighbor Sunder also has a parking space in front of his house, but since he doesn’t have a car, Rina’s husband puts his work truck in his own parking lot. As a result, Sander has to overtake two cars every day and, according to Rina, does the necessary damage. “I just want him to be forbidden to put his bike here, because he can also use his gate.”

Rena knows for sure that Sunder caused the damage: she has set up a camera in her garden that also aims at Sunder’s garden. With this she keeps a close eye on him and this again mistakes him for Sunder. He no longer wants to be caught on her camera and her husband’s car is no longer parked in his parking lot. “And if that’s not possible, I want the walkway to be free of their cars.” The fact that Sundar doesn’t want to go through the trouble of just putting his bike in his backyard is totally wrong for Reena. “You’re lazy and selfish,” she reprimands him.

Emotions run high during the session. Sunder says he actually doesn’t see the problem. “I don’t feel anything at all. It’s actually a matter of living and letting live.” Rina does not accept it. “But you won’t let me live. You’re just an empty bag of salt.” Before the situation escalates further, the driving judge will issue his verdict.

He says that Sunder is no longer allowed to cycle away from the sidewalk. “Bicycling is prohibited on the sidewalk at all times. You must walk along the sidewalk with your bike. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to leave your bike behind from now on.” But Rina doesn’t just shy away from camera practices: “You’re not allowed to photograph their garden. This is my judgment and the case is closed.”

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