Eurovision Song Edit Mia Nicolae and Dionne Cooper After Criticism

Eurovision Song Edit Mia Nicolae and Dionne Cooper After Criticism
Mia Nicolay and Dionne Cooper this month during the Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam

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Dutch Eurovision duo Mia Nicolay and Dionne Cooper have adapted the Eurovision song. In the new version, a tone and a half higher was chosen. Nikolai and Cooper sang the song Burning daylight in the new way in the program Khaled and Sofia.

According to AVROTROS Broadcasting, the original version of the song can be sung in a high position in the semi-finals on May 9 and no rules are broken. On Khaled and Sophie, Nikolai and Cooper sing an acoustic version of the song, with strings and backing vocals.

Watch the performance here:

The duo also spoke about two previous live performances that were widely criticized. The broadcaster AVROTROS, which organizes the Eurovision Song Contest in the Netherlands, also rightly called for criticism of the performances. “We really want to do well,” Mia Nicolay said. Khaled and Sofia. “Of course it will affect you if it doesn’t work the way you want it to. And you also know from each other: We can only do this. Why doesn’t this work?”

“It’s absolutely crazy,” Cooper added. “I’m a musician because I’m a lover. I think music is the most beautiful thing of all. I want to be in on it. When it fails twice for whatever reason, and people are hurt by it.”


Then they sat down with a producer to see how the song could be edited. “We kept looking until it was OK,” he said. “Everything is a tone and a half higher, so you can approach things differently with your voice. That means now he’s suddenly singing, instead of screaming and fighting.”

AVROTROS director Eric van Stade said the two slaying shows were intended to see how things would turn out for the two. “We let them train on purpose and we saw that things weren’t going well yet,” said Van Stade. “We now know what was wrong, the whole of Holland has seen it. The creative team that has been working for a long time is now continuing, precisely at those points to get the votes right. And with only one aim: to give a good performance in Liverpool to put out.”

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